class GrpcProvider(config)

exported from providers/grpc

Provider for standard GRPC connections over HTTP2. This is only compatible with Node.js environments.

import { GrpcProvider } from '@herajs/client';
const provider = new GrpcProvider({url: 'localhost:7845'});
  • config (providers/grpc.GrpcProviderConfig) –
class GrpcWebProvider(config)

exported from providers/grpc-web

Provider for GRPC-WEB connections over HTTP. This is compatible with Web browsers. Note that the transport is considerably slower than over standard GRPC.

import { GrpcWebProvider } from '@herajs/client';
const provider = new GrpcWebProvider({url: 'http://localhost:7845'});
  • config (providers/grpc-web.GrpcWebProviderConfig) –